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We offer full service property management services for both residential and commercial properties. We know it is a great responsibility and honor to be entrusted with people’s investments, so you can be sure we will always go above and beyond expectations to protect that investment for you. We will be completely devoted to handling all of the responsibilities of managing your property, so you can sit back and watch your investment pay off.

What We do:

Determine Value: Through our expert knowledge of the local rental market and top-of-the-line technology we will help you determine the right monthly income for each property.

Lease Review & Administration: The lease is one of the most important parts of management, and we use our experience and law background to make absolutely sure the lease is the thorough and complete, fully protecting both tenant and owner.

Maintenance: We will oversee and manage all regular and incidental maintenance for your property, taking all the stress off you! We will make sure all work is done to a high standard, in a timely manner for a good price.

Marketing: Finding the right renters involves effective and professional marketing. We will use our tried and tested marketing techniques to reach your potential renters and find the right fit for your property.

Screening: We are sticklers about finding the best tenants because we know that finding the right fit will save our clients money and time. We will perform all the necessary screening to make sure we find the right renters for your property.

Inspection & Move-In Paperwork: We will go through your property with the new tenant and do a thorough inspection to help the tenant take pride in their new space and to legally protect you in the case of damage. We will also handle all paperwork for the move-in process.

Financial Management: Every month we will collect rent and will penalize tenants for late payment. We will handle all removal proceedings if rent is not paid in a timely manner. We will also collect a security deposit in the amount of one month's rent for your protection.

Emergencies: We will be available for tenants to call at anytime if anything major comes up in the property, and we will work to solve the problem in the quickest and most professional manner possible.

4 Degrees Management

4 Degrees Management


  • Mike Robert

    “It is with the highest level of appreciation, unqualified recommendation and deepest gratitude that I thank and thoroughly recommend Joel Tampien (of 4 Degrees Real Estate) for his unparalleled kindness, integrity, and effort to facilitate and enable my transition to Washington”

  • Steve Hanneman

    “I owned a 4-plex up in Spokane and was trying to manage the property from 3000 miles away. Bad Idea. We tried several property managers and were very disappointed by their lack of communication and disregard for our property. Seems they thought there job was to simply collect rent checks when they could and deposit them. We found Joel at 4 Degrees Real Estate and before we even switched over to them he was all over helping us take care of problems the previous property managers didn't. We just recently sold the property, with their help but, I can tell you this, if we ever own another rental in Spokane, it will be managed by Joel and the professional team at 4 Degrees Real Estate. The absolute best service and very reasonable fees. (lower than we were paying for half the service) They get my highest recommendation.”

  • Savannah Harris

    “Great friendly and fun staff. Very personable”